This is where we make digital versions of maps available for you. These may be high res versions for VTT users, alternate versions of maps that didn’t suit publishing on a page, draft or fun alternate versions or pretty much anything we think you might be interested in.

Some of these may be limited to people that have purchased out products, if this is you and you cant get something here you need – just let us know!

These will be grouped by product initially, and anything that isn’t product specific that we provide (like the generic village map in the image below) you will find at the bottom of the page in the ‘Other’ section. Enjoy!

Note: All maps available here are free for personal non commercial use unless otherwise noted.

Fallsea – Edge of the World

  • Isometric city map
  • Topside top down
  • Tradeside top down map
  • Dockside top down map
  • Regional map
  • New Ilthium map