One Shot Adventures

These are designed to be played in a single session. Players will never need to level up during a One Shot Adventure. These are even more generic and modular than our Short Adventures and can very easily be slotted into other adventures and story arcs.

Our first Short Adventure is The Package, where a seemingly ordinary day on the streets just became a lot more interesting and potentially deadly. This One Shot Adventure is for a party of 2nd level adventurers, with a mixture of combat and roleplay in 5 non-linear encounters.

This all occurs in a very generic urban setting, so it can easily be slotted into any city or played in our Fallsea Adventure Setting.

Our second One Shot Adventure will be The Tree on the Common.

This One Shot Adventure for a party of level 4 – 6 adventurers, with 5 encounters in a woodland theme.

The tree was always there in the middle of the village, now its not, its gone. Trees don’t just up root themselves and walk off do they?

This adventure can be easily slotted into any wilderness setting or just run as a stand alone generic story.