Welcome to The Mad Looter

The Package

  • Out NOW! You can find the Pathfinder 2E version Here, Pathfinder 1E version Here, and the 5th Edition version Here.
  • A seemingly ordinary day on the streets just became a lot more interesting and potentially deadly.
  • A One Shot Adventure for a party of 2nd level adventurers, with a mixture of combat and roleplay in 5 non-linear encounters

The Hob’s Nest

  • Out for Pathfinder 1E Now! – get it here
  • December 2023 release for Pathfinder 2E
  • Goblins have been sighted again in Tall Trees and around Hob’s Nest. Merchant caravans have been attacked and children have gone missing from small farmsteads. The menace must be stopped
  • A short adventure for 1st level adventurers, set within a sprawling cavernous goblin nest

The Mad Looter is inside every tabletop gamer… she lurks and sneaks and when you finally unlock that treasure chest, or find that secret door, or when you just manage to kill the giant ogre and the rest of your party are lying unconscious – THE MAD LOOTER STRIKES!

The Mad Looter is that excitement and anticipation as you wait to see what treasures you can use to make you more powerful, more sneaky, more diplomatic. Or maybe you just want a big glowing sword to swagger across the village square brandishing and waving around proudly, and a sack of gold coins to fill your belly with ale.

The Mad Looter aims to satisfy all your Mad Looting Impulses. We don’t just want to bestow this loot upon you though. More importantly our philosophy is to give you unique and challenging encounters within and outside the dungeon to use all of the loot and abilities that make your character interesting and special.

So who are we and what can we do for you!

The Mad Looter provides quality tabletop gaming adventures. We are passionate tabletop gamers, and pride ourselves on releasing the kind of products we would love to purchase. We are not slaves to page count – if we feel something needs some more explanation or we want to included more detail – we will include it!

We want to provide a great player experience, but we want to provide something more that is very important to us.

We are GM’s and we know the pain of preparation and trying to tie stories together or fill in gaps that are not detailed in an easy way to digest.

We want to provide content that is easy and fun for the GM to use. We want the GM to have fun too – and we can only achieve that if we deliver our adventures in a way that is easy and entertaining not just to players – but for Game Masters to use. We keep this principal in mind for every product we put together – how can we make this fun for the GM to use, because if the GM is having fun this drives the tone of the whole group.

What do we do different?

In every product we release we aim to provide you with something unique and interesting, be it new mechanics, creatures, particularly interesting and fun NPC’s. We aim for beautiful high quality maps for encounters, regions and continents with robust backstories. We aim to make it easy to digest our products at a level that suits you – we want to give you all the detail but we wont force it down your throat.

We aim to release all of our products for the main Open Gaming Licence systems out there:

  • Pathfinder First Edition
  • Pathfinder Second Edition

We split our adventures into 5 main categories:

  • Adventure Setting: This is our world, and while will release publications specific to parts of our setting, we will also make a much broader suite of resources available – see the ‘World’ section of our website for more details on this
  • Adventure Path: These are long adventures, representing along story arc and are released in many volumes (typically 5 or 6). Our Adventure Paths are designed to be played over many sessions, taking player characters typically from level 1 up to level 15 or more
  • Adventures: These are adventures designed to be played over several sessions, contained in one or two volumes. Typically player characters will progress through 4 to 6 levels during an Adventure
  • Short Adventures: These are shorter adventures designed to be played over 3 to 5 sessions. Player characters may level once during a Short Adventure. These are designed to be more generic (less specific to our World) so Game Masters can slot them into their home brew campaign or even slot them into another published Adventure
  • One Shot Adventures: These are designed to be run in a single session. They are less detailed and expansive and usually not specific to any part of our world. Player Characters will never level up during a one shot. The settings for our One Shot Adventures are very generic and they can easily be slotted into a broader adventure