Short Adventures

Our Short Adventure range is less integrated in our world and our setting. These more generic adventures can be slotted into your own home brew campaign easily, or any other adventure you are running.

Typically a Short Adventure can be played over 3 to 5 game sessions and PC’s will level up once, maybe twice at most.

We try and make these quite modular and easy for a GM to pick up and run with very little preparation.

The Hob’s Nest is our first Short Adventure to release for level 1 characters. This sprawling cavernous goblins nest can easily be slotted into any existing story arc, or simply run stand alone. This is available for PF2E or PF1E now.

The Nobleman’s Son will be our second Short Adventure to release, and should be something a bit different for most groups. One thing we are really excited about is the replayability of this Short Adventure.

The Nobleman’s Son is designed for PC’s at level 3, and basically revolves around the PC’s babysitting an idiot and trying to keep him alive through the night!