Who we Are

The Mad Looter provides quality tabletop gaming adventures. We are passionate tabletop gamers, and pride ourselves on releasing the kind of products we would love to purchase. We are not slaved to page count – if we feel something needs some more explanation or we want to included more detail – we will include it!

In every product we release we aim to provide you with something unique and interesting, be it new mechanics, creatures, particularly interesting and fun NPC’s. We aim for beautiful high quality maps for encounters, regions and continents with robust backstories. We aim to make it easy to digest our products at a level that suits you – we want to give you all the detail but we wont force it down your throat.

We aim to release all of our products for the main Open Gaming Licence systems out there:

  • Pathfinder First Edition
  • Pathfinder Second Edition
  • Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition